The Smart Solution


Our Services includes:
  • Accounts & Finance

  • Software, Web sites, Domain, Hosting registration etc.

  • Entire Shipping Liner Business, Freight Forwaders, Stevedoring & Logistics, Clearing & Forwarding.

  • Company formations

    1. Corporate
    2. Private Limited Companies from SECP
    3. Business Individual and AOP (partnership companies Registered with SECP and Sindh Govt.)
  • Tax, Audit and Other matters

    1. Income Tax FBR. Tax returns (Business Individual, AOP and Corporate)
    2. Internal and External Audit for Accounting
    3. Yearly income tax returns and wealth returns
    4. SECP Statutory returns
    5. Sales Tax, FBR,SRB, PRA,BRA ( Registration in respective department and filing of returns)
    6. Customs filing and obtain WEBOC ID
    7. Customs PSW (Pakistan Single Window) Registration
    8. Shipping Agent License
    9. PIFFA Registration
    10. Freight Tax matters and Freight tax filing
    11. State bank matters for their remittance filing and SBLC Bank Guarantees etc.
    12. KCCI Registration and renewals (Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry )
    13. Letter of credit, DAP
    14. Registration of Provident Funds and Gratuity Funds, and diff. deeds etc.