Uncompromising Guiding Principles
Provide a great working environment Apply the highest standards of excellence in all our internal and external dealings.Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers. Contribute positively to the environment.


Seacotrans Trade Co., (STC) was established in 1999 , the main objective of STC was initially trading with buying Imported Coal from Importers and sell them into the market, over the passage of time the Company has gone through significant changed, we started our own imports of coal and Export different kind of minerals mainly Gypsum, Talc (Soapstone) to different countries, STC is a dynamic, innovative and highly responsible customer focused organization.

STC brand is associated with different core activities that serve a variety of markets throughout Pakistan.

  1. Imports and Exports and local
  2. Import Coal and other commodities (b) Export all kind of
  3. Stevedoring, Transportation, Shipping solution, Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding and other allied businesses.
  4. Consultants for Finance & accounts, FBR, SRB, SBP for Shipping and Freight Forwarding Remittances and Tax returns, SECP Matters


Our vision is to become an industry leader in the field of minerals by offering our customs value- added services and incomparable service standards.

Our Services includes:

  • Import/Export
  • Trading
  • Consultancy
  • Ship Handling
  • Stevedoring
  • Custom Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Shifting of Cargo
  • Logistics and Transport


Our mission has always been to ensure transparency and operational efficiency. We employ and enable the latest technological facilities, quality standard of products and trained human resources, because we believe that these are the key to our continual achievement of the highest international quality and logistical standards. Our commitment to our customers has enabled us to offer to entire gamut of all kind of export standard Materials and efficient global sea and multimodal cargo transportation, management and Shipping and stevedoring businesses.


The key to success of integrated services is just as simple as it is impressive. The company solely focuses quality assurance of all products and its activities on Imports and Exports of all cargoes and the loading / discharging of bulk and break bulk cargoes. STC main goal is to provide the best personalized services to all owners and charterers for their vessel / cargoes at all Pakistani ports.