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Seacotrans Trade Co., (STC) was established in 1999 , the main objective of STC was initially trading with buying Imported Coal from Importers and sell them into the market, over the passage of time the Company has gone through significant changed, we started our own imports of coal and Export different kind of minerals mainly Gypsum, Talc (Soapstone) to different countries, STC is a dynamic, innovative and highly responsible customer focused organization.


Our vision is to become an industry leader in the field of minerals by
offering our customs value added services and incomparable service standards.


Our mission has always been to ensure transparency and operational efficiency. We employ and enable
the latest technological facilities, quality standard  of products and trained human resources, because we
believe that these are the key to our continual achievement of the highest international quality and
logistical standards. Our commitment to our customers has enabled us to offer to entire gamut of all
kind of export standard Materials and efficient global sea and multimodal cargo transportation,
management and Shipping and stevedoring businesses.

What We Do?

STC brand is associated with different core activities that serve a variety of markets throughout Pakistan.

1. Imports and Exports and local trading.
a) Import Coal and other commodities
(b) Export all kind of Minerals.
2. Stevedoring, Transportation, Shipping solution, Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding and other allied businesses.3. Consultants for Finance & accounts, FBR, SRB, SBP for Shipping and Freight Forwarding Remittances and Tax returns, SECP Matters etc

Our Imports and Exports

We worked in Imports and Exports of different categories such as;


We Import mostly from South Africa & Indonesia;• Coal.
• Matt coke or hard coke, Foundry coke.
• Papers used & new.
• Urea.
• Poultry Feed.
• Any type containerized cargo DG, None DG, Bulk, Break Bulk, Liquid etc.
• Broom, Ginger, Betel nut.
• Scrape Iron, steel, Aluminums, Coper etc.
• Heavy Machineries like Shovel, Lifter, Dump truck etc.
• Vehicles, Car, Van


• Gypsum.
• Talc powder & Talc Lumps (Soapstone).
• Marine salt (Sea Salt).
• Iron ore.
• Quartz
• Calcium Carbonate.
• Manganese.
• Magneside ore.
• Bentonite.
• Barite.
• Mill scale.
• Any type of containerized cargo DG, None DG, Bulk, Break Bulk, Liquid etc.


Ph.: +922132851691-2
Cell: 0300-2706772
Seacotrans Trade Co.
Suite #5, 1st Floor GSA House, 19 TimberPond M A Jinnah Road, Kemaari. Karachi. 75620.